When I first heard of Twitter I said to myself, “uh-uh.  That’s too superficial.”  I hate superficiality, so that was that.  After I came upon articles on how other people successfully used Twitter to promote their business, I decided to sign  up.

When I learned how to use it, I typed in #Writers and my genre which is #AfricanAmericanFiction and #WomanCommercialFiction  Nothing came up, so I followed a few writers/authors that did come up.

It took me a while to find a group of writers/authors that I liked and it’s a continuing process.  Sometimes I see who they’re following.   But before I click on that follow button though, I always look at their previous tweets to see if I want to follow.  I don’t like to follow people who ONLY tweet about their book.  I mean WHO wants to receive tweets like this ALL the time.

I like to tweet about my progress with my book, current affairs and I retweet a lot.  Sure I’ve lost followers which upset me in the beginning, as I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.  Now it doesn’t bother me.   I’m always myself and I think that’s the best way to go.

1 or 2 are true followers.  What’s important is that I follow people who I can learn from, as well as other things that I’m interested in like voice over work, fashion, art, design.  I feel I’ll get more true followers when my book is published.