If you self-publish your book, format your manuscript from the beginning

Photographs by FebruaryFalls

When I finished revising the Novella, The Lead Dancer Always Gets Flowers, it was a slight nuisance to learn that I had to format my manuscript before uploading it for publication. I said to myself, “OMG.” All I could think about was the headache it was creating the book cover.
The process was fairly simple and straight forward though. You will need to go to Kindle Direct Publishing’s website and download the 14 page guide: Building your book for Kindle.


The real headache was formatting my manuscript for Smashwords, which distributes to Kobo, Barnes and Nobles, Sony, Apple iBookstore and others. I was almost pulling my hair out and I came real close to smashing my laptop. It’s a complete nightmare. I really don’t’ know why they make it so complicated, but I guess they have their reasons. Just keep in mind that you will get through it and you will.
As with Kindle Direct, you will also have to download the The Smashwords Style Guide, from Smashword.com. As you can see, it’s a fair amount of pages.

Make it easy on yourself and format your story from the beginning. The only headache you want are the revisions.

Please leave a comment below. Did you format your book from the beginning?


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