Reviews – do you need them?

By FebruaryFalls December 10, 2013

On my writing journey, I came across many articles suggesting the importance of getting your book reviewed, especially if you decide to go the self-publishing route. For a long time I was on the fence as to what I should do. When I published the e-book, THE LEAD DANCER ALWAYS GETS FLOWERS, I decided to get it reviewed. I found it very frustrating, time-consuming, very hard work and I was unable to find anyone who who reviewed e-books in my genre i.e African American fiction/Women’s Contemporary fiction.

Even though they say their open to ANY genre, it wasn’t the case. A lot of them, I felt, just wanted to receive a free e-book. A lot of the reviewers have over 1000 books to read and there was no guarantee that the book would even be reviewed. And just when I thought I finally found someone to review my e-book, they sent me an e-mail stating that they only reviewed paperbacks – this helped me make the decision to change my plans.

My goal is to put my energy and focus into getting my work out there i.e. I’m writing my next book called, Flat 32. I’m happy enough to be helped with promoting my book by Amazon’s algorithms when the second book is published. I have also decided to pay someone to promote the books.

You can also find your own luck by directly asking the reader for a review i.e I put the following at the end of the e-book:-


Dear Reader,


Thank you for purchasing this e-book.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. THE LEAD DANCER ALWAYS GETS FLOWERS is my first book. I am an indie author, so I will be MOST GRATEFUL if you could please leave a review on my Amazon page at the following link: – UK site – US site.

Thank you in advance for your support.


If you decide to get your book reviewed, Google has lots of review sites. At Amazon, you can “gift” the book to them, send them a copy of the manuscript or send them a MOBI file.

To send a MOBI file:-

Select the check box next to the book, click on the ACTIONS drop-down menu on the top and choose EDIT BOOK DETAILS

Scroll down to the end of the YOUR BOOK section and click on DOWNLOAD BOOK PREVIEW FILE.

Once download is complete, you will receive a MOBI file – save it on your computer

You can now send the MOBI file to your reviewer.

If you also distribute your e-book with Smashwords, give the reviewer a coupon. Check out their website to get further details.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below.


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