My first book sale!

By FebruaryFalls on February 4th 2014

When I received my royalty statement, I can’t tell you how excited I was to discover that I made a book sale. I was also scared. Scared because I don’t know if the buyer liked my work or if they hated it and wished they had never bought it.

I know for sure that every author feels this way, as I’ve read articles and queried the matter myself via writing groups. Sending your “masterpiece”to the world is very frightening. Your putting yourself “out there” for praise as well as criticism. But now that I’ve published my e-book, I’m less afraid of producing more work.

I’m currently revising my second Novella, Flat 32 – for now this is a provisional title.


Links to the U.S and UK stores: – US STORE – UK STORE

Now over to you. How did you feel when someone bought your book? Please leave a comment below.


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