Sites that market your book direct to Kindle readers

By FebruaryFalls on February 20th 2014

If you publish on Amazon, you can pay the following sites to market your book direct to Kindle readers – these are just a few sites.

• Kindle Nation Daily
• BookBub
• Pixel of Ink

I only have a small budget set aside for promotion, so I’m going to initially use I’ll make a blog when I see the results of the promotion. I believe I mentioned in previous posts that once you publish your second book, Amazon algorithms does much of the promotion for you. The more books you have available, the more virtual shelf space you have, the easier it is for people to discover you.

You can also choose to sell your books for free, but there are pros and cons for doing so. On one hand your rankings improve and on the other, it’s not guaranteed that they will actually even read your book and perhaps leave a review.

What makes sense for you i.e Pay someone to promote your book or focus on getting the work out there? Please leave a comment below.

smashwordskindlebookcover2013 – US STORE – UK STORE


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