BACKUP your manuscript!

By FebruaryFalls on March 1st 2014

I published my e-book with Amazon on October 17, 2013. I also used a few other distributors, Kobo, being amongst them. Kobo is a Canadian organization. I don’t like their website much, as it isn’t as clear on how to find need to know information.

When I initially uploaded my manuscript to Kobo in December, their previewer malfunctioned, so I had to use the e-Reader on my desktop i.e. Adobe Digital in order to see what my manuscript looked like. Somewhere along the way, my manuscript got corrupted i.e. the table of contents was all over the place and photos I had attached in the back matter i.e. About the author, Connect-with- me-on-line, etc. was in the front matter i.e. copyright notice, title page, dedication etc.

Every distributor wants you to prepare your manuscript a certain way. Because of the corruption, I wasted a lot of time and money reformatting my manuscript which I did via Notepad, which is one of the features on Microsoft. This has taught me to have a valuable lesson: BACKUP my manuscript. You should be WRITING.

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