The feasibility of book promotion websites

By FebruaryFalls on April 4th 2014

You MUST market your book before publication. I failed to do this, simply because I didn’t know. Part of my marketing plan was to pay someone to promote my book, so I could focus what little time I have, on writing. I picked a handful of websites to choose from. The prices started at $25.00 on up.

The problem was that I had already done what they wanted me to pay them for, and on top of that, THEIR followers – who they promote to – are pretty much like me: writer/author looking for someone to promote their book.
I felt it was counterproductive to partner with them. My instincts told me to wait until I publish my second book, FLAT 32, as I will then have more shelf space and Amazon will therefore assist me with promotion.
I have indeed heard that people have been quite successful paying for book promotion. It’s a risk and a risk is always worth taking, but I’m following my instincts.

Am I wrong in my views? Have you paid someone to promote your book? Please leave a comment in the box below.


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