Should you sell your novel for 99 cents?

By FebruaryFalls on June 2, 2014

The first rule of business is to take care of your investment, so it’s wise to have a marketing plan in place, as well as market your book before you publish it. This is something I failed to do.

I have said this many a time, but what’s important to me is reaching a global audience, getting fans of my work, getting the work out there and occupy my mind with people who I can touch with my work. My debut Novella, THE LEAD DANCER ALWAYS GETS FLOWERS, has dropped out the charts, but it is still selling. The sales are trickling in, so I therefore reduced the price to 99 cents.

99 cents is an impulse buy for anyone. From what all I have read, 99 cents is a good price for unknown authors. I should have done this from the beginning, but I let my ego get in the way and priced my book at what I felt it was worth – I still do, but I have to do what makes sense in order to achieve my writing goals. When the sales increase, I will gradually increase the price. Don’t follow my lead. Do what works for you.

Sometimes I download free books and I’ve been very lucky that they have been very good reads. It is not the case for most people. As part of my marketing plan, when I publish my next Novella, FLAT 32, which I am still revising, I will sell it for 99 cents and at the same time offer, THE LEAD DANCER ALWAYS GETS FLOWERS, for free. I’m looking forward to the outcome. Always revise your marketing plan in order to get the results you seek.

When you publish your second book to Amazon, they will help you with the promotion, so it’s good to have as many books as possible in your virtual store.


I would like to hear from you….

Did you have a marketing plan when you published your book?

What is the list price of your book? Have you had to reduce the price? If so, what was your reasoning behind

How do you feel about listing a book for 99 cents?

Please leave a comment in the box below.


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